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Fox, Gardner F.
book-date: 1976
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Jeff Jones
VG+ or better
ex-ChUSFA: stamp on first inside page, page 85. MORE INFO

Tight and square with flat spine - probably unread. Age-spotting along right side of back cover (and some on spine.) Light overall wear, sticker-traces and 1/4" scrape in middle of cover. Normally I grade and price books with Jeff Jones covers higher than most - but the presentation on this Modern Promotions "Unibook" reprint seems shoddy compared to the 1969 Belmont original (fuzzy reproduction of art, obvious paste-up of company logo at left, mis-alignment of cover art 1/8" along right side.) But it is a perfectly good reading-copy of a book most people don't realize is a collection.

The second book in his five-book series about Kothar - Barbarian Swordsman. [From the back cover of the first-edition]:
"The Enchanted Sword: Kothar stole the helix from the fat Emperor of Avalonia. It was the only way he could hope to recover his magic sword Frostfire from the belly of the Great Eagle of Nirvalla. But the original theft of the helix was to embroil Kothar in even more uncanny adventures. An "ice being," an eerie creature even in Kothar's world, used the helix for his own dark purpose. Trying to forget the beautiful Laella - driven away by the witch Red Lori - Kothar agreed to deliver another pretty girl from the sinister followers of the god Polthoom. Even with the magic sword flashing in his powerful hands, it was the bloodiest adventure of his life."

This is actually a collection of 2 short novels: "The Helix from Beyond" and "A Plague of Demons." There are 2 illustrations for each story by an uncredited artist (my best guess from the signature glyph is "E. Robbins" ?)

Many paperback publishers in the late Sixties found they could sell about anything if they put a good cover on it. With Frank Frazetta and Jeff Jones at their prime, you couldn't go wrong - even if the book wasn't great, you got some really terrific artwork by master illustrators. (I haven't read this one, so I can't say if it lives up to the coverů)