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Howard, Robert E.
THE BEST OF ROBERT E. HOWARD, Volume 1: Crimson Shadows
book-date: 2007
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(Tall) Trade paperback
Jim & Ruth Keegan

In my opinion, Robert E. Howard was a great storyteller - his stories are fast paced, exciting, and very readable even though they were written long ago. But the idea of a definitive "best of" boggles my mind - I think everyone's opinions will vary as to which are best or better. I think if you view this book as an "Essential Robert E. Howard" full of stories and poems not-to-be-missed, you will be less inclined to argue about the choices and just enjoy the book.

The Best of Robert E. Howard, Volume 1: Crimson Shadows
(Foreword by Jim & Ruth Keegan)
(Introduction by Rusty Burke)
"The Shadow Kingdom"
"The Ghost Kings" (poem)
"The Curse of the Golden Skull"
"Red Shadows"
"The One Black Stain" (poem)"
"The Dark Man"
"The Marching Song of Connacht" (poem)
"Kings of the Night"
"Recompense" (poem)"
"The Black Stone"
"The Song of a Mad Minstrel" (poem)
"The Fightin'est Pair"
(aka Breed of Battle)"The Grey God Passes"
"The Song of the Last Briton" (poem)
"Worms of the Earth"
"An Echo from the Iron Harp" (poem)
"Lord of the Dead"
"Untitled fragment" (poem; a.k.a "A Warning")
""For the Love of Barbara Allen"
"The Tide" (poem)"
"The Valley of the Worm"
"The Dust Dance: Selections, Version II" (poem; a.k.a "The Dust Dance")
"The People of the Black Circle"
"Beyond the Black River"
"A Word from the Outer Dark" (poem)
"Hawk of the Hills"
"Sharp's Gun Serenade"
"Lines Written in the Realization That I Must Die" (poem)
(Afterword by Charles Hoffman)
(A Short Biography of Robert E. Howard by Rusty Burke)
(Notes on the Original Howard Texts)
(Illustrations by Jim & Ruth Keegan)