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THE BEST FROM F&SF: Seventh Series
book-date: 1958
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Ace (F-162)


Back cover has moderate wear including 2 long diagonal fold-creases (these may not show in scan #2.)

The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction: Seventh Series, edited by Anthony Boucher. Most stories are from 1957 - with only the Fred Brown & Clarke stories & poem by Pinkney from 1956.

(Introduction by Anthony Boucher)
"The Wines of Earth" by Idris Seabright (Margaret St. Clair)
"Adjustment" by Ward Moore
"The Cage" by A. Bertram Chandler
"Mr. Stilwell's Stage" by Avram Davidson
"Venture to the Moon" (6 related vignettes) by Arthur C. Clarke
"Expedition" by Fredric Brown
"Rescue" by G. C. Edmondson
"Between the Thunder and the Sun" by Chad Oliver
"A Loint of Paw" by Isaac Asimov
"The Wild Wood" by Mildred Clingerman
"Dodger Fan" by Will Stanton
"Goddess in Granite" by Robert F. Young
"Ms. Found in a Chinese Fortune Cookie" by C. M. Kornbluth
"Journey's End" by Poul Anderson
"The Big Trek" by Fritz Leiber
POEMS, etc:
"In Memoriam: Fletcher Pratt" by James Blish (poem)
"Full Circle" by Dorothy Cowles Pinkney (poem)
"Yes, But..." by Anthony Brode (poem)
"Lyric for Atom Splitters" by Doris Pitkin Buck (poem)
"The Horror Story Shorter by One Letter Than the Shortest Horror Story Ever Written" by Ron Smith (short-short)

Hardcover edtion & SFBC reprint were 1958. The 1962 paperback from Ace is not abridged, but it shifts the poems and the short-short to the end of the book (last 3 pages, in slightly different order) - and omits them from the contents page. The STORIES are in the same order in the paperback as Contento's listing for the 1958 Doubleday hardcover. The online ISFDB listing has stories & poems in a totally different order, and lists an essay ("Message to the Stars?") by Arthur C. Clarke. I think that is an error, mixing up part of the original title for one of the vignettes that make up "Venture to the Moon." (Magazine of F&SF reprinted them from The London Evening Standard, where they appeared in several May 1956 editions. "Watch This Space" was originally titled "Who Wrote That Message to the Stars? ...in Letters a Thousand Miles Long?"