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Kuttner, Henry
book-date: 1954
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Mitchell Hooks
ex-ChUSFA: stamp on first inside page, page 85. MORE INFO

Bantam Books (#1250) August 1954 paperback (there is no other edition.) Cover by Mitchell Hooks, 184 pages, 25 cent cover price. Condition is only Good: tight with 1/8" average tilt (more at top / less at bottom); 2" non-yellowing library tape reinforcing spine, sides; spine is flat or very slightly dished, with 2" cut down center and a crossing-crease 2" from bottom; back cover has a pair of 4" lines near bottom; light overall wear; age-tanning is mild to moderate and uniform. "ChUSFA" stamps on first page and page 85 - extra stamps on title page, top & bottom page blocks; inside front cover has previous owner's name written in pen and then crossed out heavily with black marker - no other writing or marks.

Line to Tomorrow (1954) - a collection by Henry Kuttner and/or C.L. Moore. Since Kuttner's marriage in 1940 to SF author C. L. Moore, almost anything they wrote after that had some element of collaboration, particularly when using pseudonyms, the most common of which was "Lewis Padgett" - which is the name on this book, and the byline used when these stories first appeared in magazines. In my opinion, Kuttner's stories have lasting power and are still readable even after 50 years - unlike much early SF. This book in particular would be a good one to sample so you can see what makes Kuttner so special - very strongly recommended.

Line to Tomorrow
A Gnome There Was
What You Need
Private Eye
The Twonky
Compliments of the Author
When the Bough Breaks

These originally appeared (from 1941 to 1949) - five in Astounding, and 2 in its sister-magazine Unknown/Unknown Worlds. There is overlap of contents with one or more of the 3 "Best of" Kuttner restrospectives, and all can be found in the massive 2005 retrospective Two-Handed Engine (good luck finding a copy - even though the SFBC did an edition, they only ran it a short time, and it is no longer in their catalog.) "Private Eye" and "Compliments of the Author" will be the hardest to track down separately.