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Kuttner, Henry + Moore
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Richard Powers

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The 300 copy Centipede Press edition in 2005 can be considered instantly fabulously rare. This 2006 SFBC edition has already been remaindered (they no longer offer it.) If you don't find a copy soon, they will be rather hard to find, too. This massive retrospective has significant overlap with most of Kuttner's major collections (including "Best of's") - but not total inclusion. Unless you decide to get every Kuttner collection, this is probably the best single-volume survey.

A massive retrospective of 37 stories (910 pages) - this originally came out as a 300 copy edition in 2005 from British publisher Centipede Press. Thankfully the SFBC did a hardcover in 2006 (but of course that is out of print / not in their catalog anymore.) Kuttner was one of the most able and versatile writers of short fiction in the SF/Fantasy field. In my opinion, his stories have lasting power and are still readable even after 50 years - unlike much early SF. Since his marriage in 1940 to SF author C. L. Moore, almost anything they wrote after that had some element of collaboration, particularly when using pseudonyms - the most common of which were "Lewis Padgett" or "Lawrence O'Donnell." Stories marked {CLM} are by C. L. Moore (solo), {HK} by Henry Kuttner (solo); {&} = written in collaboration.

(Introduction by David Curtis - editor)
Shambleau {CLM}
The Graveyard Rats {HK}
A Gnome There Was {&}
The Twonky {HK}
Compliments of the Author {&}
Mimsy Were the Borogroves {&}
Shock {HK}
Reader, I Hate You {HK}
The World is Mine {HK}
When the Bough Breaks {&}
The Cure {&}
The Code {CLM}
Line to Tomorrow {HK}
Clash by Night {&}
Ghost {HK}
The Proud Robot {HK}
Nothing But Gingerbread Left {HK}
No Woman Born {CLM}
Housing Problem {HK}
What You Need {HK}
Absalom {HK}
Call Him Demon {HK}
Daemon {CLM}
Vintage Season {CLM}
The Dark Angel {HK}
Before I Wake {HK}
Exit the Professor {HK}
The Big Night {HK}
A Wild Surmise {&}
Don't Look Now {HK}
Private Eye {&}
By These Presents {HK} - (original title ="Satan Sends Flowers")
Home is the Hunter {&}
Or Else {&}
Year Day {HK}
A Cross of Centuries {HK}
Two-Handed Engine {&}

These first appeared from 1933 to 1958: more than half in Astounding - the rest from Weird Tales, Unknown, Super-Science, Charm, Startling Stories, Thrilling Wonder Stories, Fantastic, Magazine of F&SF, Amazing, Famous Fantastic Mysteries, Star SF Stories 1, 4, Ahead of Time. For 7 stories, this is their first appearance in a Kuttner or Moore collection.

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