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Leiber, Fritz
omni,w/new-to-book: 1969
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Ace (D-69)
Ace-Double (1 author)
John Schoenherr; Jack Gaughan

Ace Double (#30300) March 1969 paperback; 60 cent cover price. Condition is Fine: tight and square with flat spine, mild uniform age tanning. No stamps, marks or writing - a very clean copy that looks new/unread.

An Ace Double from 1969: The Green Millenium, a novel, bound with Night Monsters, a collection - both sides by Fritz Leiber. This is the first book appearance for Night Monsters, and in my opinion - the best looking cover for The Green Millenium.

The Green Millenium (cover by John Schoenherr, 173 pages.). The world Phil Gish lived in was not a pretty one, and Phil didn't enjoy living in it. He was disillusioned, purposeless, hopeless, and haunted by a fear that a robot would take over his job. But then Phil was a timid person, not much given to adventure seeking. If he hadn't been so mild he might have found his kicks at All Amusements, the syndicated playground where anybody could find fun, provided he had the proper sadistic and otherwise aberated elements in his personality. But Phil was good - and bored. And then one day a cat perched on his window - not an ordinary cat - a green cat. For the first time in years Phil was happy. He promptly named the cat Lucky because he somehow knew that as long as the cat stayed with him he'd feel fine. But Lucky didn't stay long. In a matter of minutes he had disappeared into All Amusements park. It was then that Phil became involved in a grotesque world, peopled with the most extraordinary personalities. Just what the cat is and its ultimate meaning is the surprising secret of it all... This shares the same world as the stories "Coming Attraction" and "Poor Superman."

(Bound with) Night Monsters (cover by Jack Gaughan, 80 pages.)

The Black Gondolier
Midnight in the Mirror World
I'm Looking for Jeff
The Casket-Demon

These stories appeared from 1952 to 1964, in Over the Edge and Fantastic. This is the first time any of these appear in a Leiber collection. {There was a later "single" version of this collection that omits 1 story and adds 4 more - but both editions of that were from British publishers.}