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Leiber, Fritz
book-date: 1970
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Jeff Jones
VG+ or better

Ace (#79150, 1st edition) 1970 paperback. Cover by Jeff Jones, 251 pages, 75 cent cover price. Condition is VG+ or better: tight and almost square with flat spine; mild uniform age tanning (slightly darker on insides of covers.) Back cover has 1" fold-trace at upper left corner, and a couple of vertical impressions at left (the sort that come on new books from packing conditions)

This is the only printing which has the complete cover by Jeff Jones (the others with this art were cropped/reduced in size.) In my opinion, this is one of Jeff Jones' best covers - and it is hard to find a copy of this in good shape.

Leiber has always been known for his fantasy as well as his SF - he coined the term "Sword and Sorcery," and his first "Fafhrd & Gray Mouser" story appeared in Unknown in 1939. In 1968, Ace Books began collecting new and old stories - while Leiber was still filling in the series. After a story about Fafhrdís youth, and the award-winning story of his team-up with the Gray Mouser - 2 more Ace collections were added in 1970, the previous 3 from 1968 were reprinted, and the "proper" order of the "Fafhrd & Gray Mouser" books was established.

Swords Against Death (1970) - second by chronology in the series featuring Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser.

The Circle Curse
The Jewels in the Forest - (original title: "Two Sought Adventure")
Thievesí House
The Bleak Shore
The Howling Tower
The Sunken Land
The Seven Black Priests
Claws from the Night - (original title: "Dark Vengeance")
The Price of Pain-Ease
Bazaar of the Bizarre

The first "Fafhrd & Gray Mouser" book was Two Sought Adventure from Gnome Press in 1957 - all 7 stories from that book (plus 3 more) are included in this second book in the "new" Ace chronology. "The Circle Curse " and "The Price of Pain-Ease" are original to this book (although the latter was reprinted in Magazine of F&SF in 1971.) The next 7 are from Two Sought Adventure - with 5 stories from Unknown (1939 to 1943), then 2 stories from Other Worlds (1953) and Suspense (1951.) "Bazaar of the Bizarre" was first collected here, and is from Fantastic (1963.)

Two Sought Adventure is not totally contained in this book. That 1957 book began with an original short introduction to the characters, titled "Induction." That piece was reprinted as the beginning of the first book in the "new" Ace cannon: Swords and Deviltry (1970.)