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omni,w/new-to-book: 1967
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Ace (G-609)
Kelly Freas; Jack Gaughan

Ace G-609 ($.50 cover price) 1967 paperback. Condition is VG to VG+: tight and square with flat spine; age tanning is very mild and uniform (slightly darker on insides of covers.) Light overall wear including rubbing, slight edgwear, a couple of 1/2" finger-creases. 1 previous owner wrote his name in marker on inside of cover on High side, other owner has name stamped on title page of each side. No other marks or writing.

Ace Double (G-609) 1967 paperback: containing Contraband from Otherspace by A. Bertram Chandler, bound with Reality Forbidden by Philip E. High.

Contraband from Otherspace by A. Bertram Chandler (Cover by Kelly Freas, frontispiece by Jack Gaughan, 104 pages.) Serialized in IF September, October 1966 as "Edge of Night."

Out on the Rim, time and space undergo strange distortions and "space ghosts" may appear where no ship ought to be. Where Commodore Grimes of the Rim Mamelute was concerned the derelict vessel, so strangely named Distriyir, was no space ghost. It was solid, it was real, and it was very disturbing. For one thing, it had been manned by desperate men and women clad in rags. For another, everything was curiously misplaced, misspelled, somehow wrong, even to the adjustment of seats as if people had tails! All too soon Grimes realized that the truth would be too dreadful to contemplate and that, whatever were the facts, he would have to act at once to blot out both the strange ship and its entire historical continuum, at whatever the cost!

(Bound with) Reality Forbidden by Philip E. High (cover and frontispiece by Jack Gaughan, 151 pages.) If wishes could only come true... how often has every human being thought that? How wonderful life would be if only we could have everything we ever dreamed of! But theman who invented the dream-machine turned out to be the worst enemy humanity ever encountered! The dream became as real as the reality - and yet remained a figment of the imagination. And thereby the very foundations of civilization were undermined. Why strive - when you could get it all without effort? REALITY FORBIDDEN is the novel of what came afterwards. Of the world in which only the most rigid of terror kept the cities standing, and of the man who dared escape that world, to find the last place on Earth where dreaming was not prohibited, and where one could not only have one's cake, but eat it as well! In my opinion, one of High's 3 best books - highly entertaining. I recommend this as a reason to find out why you should read him.