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omni,w/new-to-book: 1964
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Ace (F-275)
Ed Emshwiller; Jack Gaughan

Ace Double (F-274, 40 cent cover price) 1964 paperback. Condition is Fine: very tight and square with flat spine; age tanning is very mild and uniform (much less than expected for its age.) No stamps, marks or writing - a clean copy that looks new (edges are "crisp" / pages are bright.)

Ace Double F-275 (1964): containing No Truce With Terra by Philip E. High, bound with The Duplicators by Murray Leinster.

No Truce With Terra by Philip E. High (cover and frontispiece by Ed Emshwiller, 110 pages.)
From: The Shaldron Race
To: The Human Race
Your presence on this planet has been noted and the reason for your visit analyzed by our instruments... We have, therefore, taken the liberty of selecting one of your party for first contact, one whom we feel is best suited to grasp the motivations of both our races and arrange for future group contacts.
Peter Collard stared at the message with a cold feeling of foreboding. He felt pity for the poor devil. "Who is this selected contact?"
"Ah, now," Dyson became suddenly interested in the papers on his desk. "Well, I'm sorry and all that, but, as a matter of fact, they wanted you."

(Bound with) The Duplicators by Murray Leinster (Will F. Jenkins) - Cover and frontispiece by Jack Gaughan, 143 pages. Expanded from "Lord of the Uffts" in World of Tomorrow February 1964.

Link Denham had spent most of his adult life trying to avoid boredom. But sometimes there can be too much adventure for any man. Link wakes up on a rickety old spaceship, wondering how he got there, vaguely remembering a doozy of a fight with the spaceport cops. When his companion - a small whiskery fellow - woke up, he was filled in on the details. The whiskery man was Thistlethwaite, owner of the Glamorgan, a ship he had bought as scrap. Link had signed on as astrogator and junior parter in lieuw of wages, and had fought 3 battles (not just one) with the spaceport cops and setting fire to a police truck before blasting off from Trent on emerency rockets without clearance. Since Thistlethwaite had owed spaceport dues, neither wanted to be anywhere near Trent for fear of years of incarceration. Link knew a certain amount about astrogation from 2 terms in the Merchant Space Academy (before they kicked him out.) He also had a tendency to want to not disappoint people when he was drunk, which is why he seemed the answer to Thistlthwaite's dreams. Thistlethwaite was an eccentric with a get-rich plan that involved getting a mysterious cargo from Sord III. On that planet they encountered a strange welcome. First, there were the small pink piglike animals - uffts - who spoke in a surprisingly human, insultingly sarcastic manner. Link was left to guard the ship, until a raggedy band showed up wearing Thistlethwaite's hat, stungun, shirt, and pants - but no sign of Thistlthwaite. From conversation, Link learned that the ancestors of Harl and his band had colonized Sord III from space, but somehow lost electricity, engines, and motors - along with the knowledge of how to make things! And as far as commerce went - it was a mortal insult to offer to pay for anything (which is why Thistlethwaite was being held before being hanged.) And things kept getting stranger...