omni,w/new-to-book: 1964
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Ace (F-261)
Ed Emshwiller; Edward Valigursky
ex-ChUSFA: stamp on first inside page, page 85. MORE INFO

Ace Double (F-261, 40 cents) 1964 paperback. Condition is VG: tight and square with flat spine; light overall wear including line next to spine and 1" crease at lower right corner on Williams side, slight corner wear and wear to ends of spine; age tannning is mild and uniform. There is a faint stain-trace on the Williamson side that stays in the margins and fades out by the middle. Stamp on each first page & page 85 - from the reserves of a defunct SF library (same source as the IF magazines I've sold in years past.) No other marks or writing.

Ace Double F-261 (1964), containing by The Towers of Toron by Samuel R. Delany and The Lunar Eye by Robert Moore Williams. This is the first paperback appearance for either novel.

The Towers of Toron (140 pages, cover by Ed Emshwiller) is Delany's third novel, and second in the "Fall of the Towers" trilogy. Once before the Lord of the Flames has been driven halfway across the universe. His return would mean a new era of chaos and conflict for the populace of Earth. The Lord of the Flames was a strange adversary - a force of evil devoid of physical substance. He sought warmth in unpredictable places: creeping into the soul of a worm or the stem of a flower or into the mind of a man. Unless his hiding place could be discovered, the Lord of the Flames could crumble the world once more to ashes. But finding him was not a simple matter. Evil is everywhere and the thing from space only lurked in one being at a time.

(bound with) Robert Moore Williams' The Lunar Eye - (115 pages, cover by Ed Valigursky.) The year was 1972, and on rocket bases in the parched deserts of California and the vast wastes of Siberia, the race for the moon entered its final, frenzied lap. Both America and Russia were ready to step out into space and all that seemed in doubt was which country would set foot on the moon first. But unknown to both nations, a third force - a power far more insidious than any evil ever devised by a human mind - was plotting the destruction of any rocket that tried to touch the moon's pitted surface. The key to overcoming this plot against mankind was contained in the mystery of THE LUNAR EYE - and unless its secret could be unlocked, mankind would be forever shackled within the bounds of this planet.