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Spinrad, Norman
book-date: 1972
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Gregg Press
Hardcover, Ex-Library


Tight, 3/16" lean; first page show traces where pocket was removed. Library stamp on title page and top page block; no writing - a clean copy. This was issued from publisher without a dustjacket. The library had taped a plastic DJ protector to the book which took much of any wear and has been discarded (but there are faint traces of its removal on endpapers front & back.)

A note about the Gregg Press hardcover editions. Their print runs were low (typically 500 to 700?) and their quality is high: acid free paper, so age-tanning is negligible; the binding is sewn, and the boards are heavier than most. They will last much longer than the original, if there was one. Another seller dropped me a note to clarify something I thought was just an inconsistency: sometimes the credits page will state "First Printing" followed by a month and year - and sometimes not. Apparently they occasionally did another print run, and dropped the "First Printing" line on those. I don't think the total print runs for any of their books exceeded my own cutoff point for defining small press editions, which is 3,000 copies (the typical print run of a non-reprinted Arkham House book.) Most of the books they chose to reprint in hardcover were chosen for quality and popularity of the author - even when an earlier hardcover exists, the Gregg edition tends to be the preferred one.

Photo-reprint of 1972 Avon paperback (first edition.) No printed price / price from Gregg Press catalog.

What if Adolf Hitler had taken a different path and become a Science Fiction writer? If he had, this is the novel Spinrad suggests he might have written: "Lord of the Swastika."