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Nourse, Alan E.
PSI HIGH and Others
book-date: 1967
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Ace (G-730)
Don Ivan Punchatz
VG+ to near-Fine

Very tight and square with flat spine; a faint line next to spine on front/back. No stamps, marks or writing.

PSI HIGH and Others. Nourse was a physician well known for his SF juveniles, and most of his books involve medical issues in some way. I recommend this as one of his better books (I liked it enough to track down a hardcover.) A collection of 3 novelets or short novels, with a prologue and epilogue to put them into a context of events observed by Galactic Watchers. [Plot teasers are taken from the jacket copy of a hardcover, since they have more details than the excerpts from reviews used by this paperback.]

THE MARTYR - the story of Senator Dan Fowler, who championed rejuvenation for all men instead of a priveleged few, and the fearful decision he faced when he realized that his lifelong convictions might be terribly wrong...

PSI HIGH - the story of Paul Faircloth, who engaged in a desperate manhunt to prove that Psi High (extrasensory) powers could be trusted and not feared...

MIRROR, MIRROR - the story of John Provost, the pivotal pawn in an Idiot War with an alien race, incomprehensible until the "Enemy" revealed their true natures in the cosmic mirror of their own behavior...

The first and last pieces were published with similar titles in slightly different form in Fantastic Universe (1957) and Amazing (1960.) I had trouble finding the source of the middle novella until I filled in my magazine collection, and found that the orginal version was titled "The Brain Sinner" in Planet Stories Spring 1955. This is the most heavily revised of the three.