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Panshin, Alexei
STAR WELL [av1] {Freas cvr}
book-date: 1968
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Ace (G-756)
Kelly Freas

Ace (G-576,1st printing) 1968 paperback. Cover by Kelly FreasK, 157 pages 50 cent cover price. Condition is near-Fine or better: tight and square with flat spine; age tanning is mild and uniform (darker on insides of covers); very slight overall wear. No stamps, marks or writing - a clean copy that may be unread.

The cover by Kelly Freas on this book captures the nature of the book (and series) perfectly. Later printings don't have this fabulous cover - it's definitely worth having even if you have a later edition.

The first "Anthony Villiers" novel by Alexei Panshin: Star Well. All 3 books in this series are fun, tongue-in-cheek, and witty. This makes my "top 100" list. Why some bright publisher hasn't collected the series into an omnibus edition escapes me...

Within Star Well can be found casinos and dining rooms, luxury suites and expensive shops, warehouses and (secret basements.) Wu and Fabricant's Guidebook says Star Well is a dull place to visit. It wouldn't have said that if Wu and Fabricant had been shown the secret basements. Strange travelers come to Star Well. Anthony Villiers: personable, curious, temporarily without funds to cover his bill- and our hero. Torve the Trog: bulge-eyed alien, illegal wanderer, vegetarian by principle. Augustus Srb: fat and dubious priest of Mithra, and perhaps something more. Secrets cannot be hidden forever, and the tight little world of Star Well was bursting at the seams with them. Calamity, uproar and the end of an era were inevitable.