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Tubb, E.C.
book-date: 1979
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Michael Mariano
VG+ or better
ex-ChUSFA: stamp on first inside page, page 85. MORE INFO

Tight and square with flat spine - probably unread. There is a faint stain-trace in bottom corner of pages next to spine (stays in margins / not very noticeable.) Front cover shows a very faint speckling - where close contact with another book caused ink transfer / back cover shows a faint haze of dots of ink that it picked up from another book.

The Dumarest series lasted about 30 books, and I would recommend most of the early ones (particularly the Ace-Doubles) as good reading. If you're not familiar with the premise, Earl Dumarest was born on Earth, but wandered so far from it in a crowded galaxy that people in the region he is currently in think that Earth is but a legend, like "El Dorado." (The Traveller gaming system, with High and Low Passage, quicktime and basic, is loosely based on the very populated galaxy Dumarest travels in.) He picks up friends and enemies, and occaisionally a clue pointing towards Earth.

Iduna's Universe - #21 in the series. When the slavers of the Matriarchy of Onorldi struck his work camp, it was touch and go for Earl Dumarest until he captured the Matriarch herself. He was able to strike a bargain: to rescue the Matriarch's child daughter, Iduna. She had disappeared into the mind-trap of the Tau. If he could follow, find her, and return with her, he would have his freedom and a chance to locate the lost Earth he sought. So into Iduna's private universe he went - the creation of the Tau under the whims and fancies of a restless and spoiled planetary princess. To escape, Dumarest had to outwit her monster playthings, outfight her hideous horrors, and outdream her satanic fantasies…