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Leinster;Van Vogt
omni,w/new-to-book: 1955
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Ace (D-94)
artist unknown; Edward Valigursky

Ace Double (D-94) 1955 paperback; 35 cent cover price. Condition is Near Fine. It is tight and almost square (one end is square; the other has slight tilt), with slight edgewear on the red side. Very little overall wear (maybe some at bottom of van Vogt side), age-tanning is very mild and uniform. Date (july 7 1955) stamped at top of first page of Van Vogt side; no other marks or writing. A clean copy that may be unread.

Ace Double D-94 (1955), containing The Other Side of Here by Murray Leinster (pseudonym of Will F. Jenkins), plus One Against Eternity (original title: The Weapon Makers) by A. E. Van Vogt. This is the first paperback appearance for either novel. While you can get the Van Vogt book in many editions - this is its first paperback appearance, and this may be the only place to get the Leinster.

The Other Side of Here by Murray Leinster. (Cover artist unknown, 134 pages.) This is revised for first book publication from the Astounding serial "The Incredible Invasion", from 1936. The U.S.A. is invaded from another dimension.

(bound with) One Against Eternity, original title: The Weapon Makers. (Cover artist unknown - possibly Ed Valigursky for the style of buildings in the background?, 186 pages.)
For centuries the Isher Dynasty has ruled a huge empire that includes Earth and other planets. The Dynasty's power is checked only by the Weapon Makers, a group of dedicated scientists who prevent total take-over, who provide checks and balances to the Dynasty's political establishment. Now, for the first time in history, there is a spy among the Weapon Makers. He is in the confidence of the young Empress. Then why is it the Empress herself who insists that he be killed? Why has she conceived this passionate hatred of Captain Hedrock? Hunted as a traitor by both sides, haunted by terrible powers he dared not reveal, Captain Robert Hedrock was an outsider who could change the course of history. He was a man with no future and no past - his true identity a secret whose telling would be punished by sure death.