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omni,w/new-to-book: 1967
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Ace (G-618)
Jack Gaughan; Jack Gaughan
ex-ChUSFA: stamp on first inside page, page 85. MORE INFO

Ace Double (G-618, 50 cents) 1967 paperback. Condition is VG+: tight and square with flat spine; age tanning is mild and uniform (insides of covers are darker, with spotiness on Petaja side); light overall wear as rubbing or loss of gloss. Bookstore stamp inside cover on Petaja side plus stamps on pages 1 and 85; no other marks or writing.

Ace Double G-618 (1967): containing The Ship from Atlantis by H. Warner Munn, bound with The Stolen Sun by Emil Petaja. This is the first appearance for either book.

The Ship from Atlantis by H. Warner Munn (cover and frontispiece by Jack Gaughan; 117 pages.) The sequel to King of the World's Edge. When the warror Gwalchmi set out from his homeland to bring word of new conquests to his father's emperor, he sailed into perils more strange and awesome than even the King of the World's Edge had known. For Gwalchmi was cast adrift in a dread Sargasso where ships from all the world's past were entombed, and there he found the enigmatic Ship from Atlantis, last artifact of a once-great civilization... and the beautiful Corenice, sorceress and woman of star-metal. Together they faced a menace as old as Atlantis itself, and fought to save Earth's peoples from the powers of ancient darkness.

(Bound with) The Stolen Sun by Emil Petaja (cover and frontispiece by Jack Gaughan; 136 pages.) Like an umbilical cord, the cortical hook-up linking Wayne Panu to his ship involved them in an unheard-of rapport, even in the ranks of the unique esper-pilot fleet that warred against the world-engulfing Mephiti. In the outward surge into the far-flung galactic worlds for colonization Man had found but few habitable planets - but now even those few worlds were challenged. The Mephiti - dread, all-embracing fog-forms - were Man's match as they fought him planet for planet in the race for habitable space. And only Wayne Panu, with his extraordinary ESP talents that went beyond the mind and the here and now - whose senses were strangely linked in the past to the heroes and legends of the ancient Kalevala - could retaliate in this fantastic war that devoured suns and swept across the ages of eternity... [3rd in Petaja's "Kalevala" series.]