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Resnick, Mike
book-date: 1967
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Paperback Library
Jeff Jones

Paperback Library (52-687) 1st printing May 1968 paperback (Donald Grant hardcover was 1967.) Cover by Jeff Jones, 6 illustrations by Neal MacDonald, Jr., 160 pages. Condition is VG+ tight with mild lean (1/8" or less); spine is flat with a ghost of a line in middle; faint line near spine (opening crease); light overall wear; slight rubbing wear - most apparent on back cover (see scans.) Age tanning is mild and uniform (insides of covers slightly darker.) No stamps, marks or writing.

The first novel by Michael Resnick - one of 2 books featuring Adam Thane: The Goddess of Ganymede. This is the first SF novel by a well-known SF Fan and prolific author. After his first 3 novels in the late Sixties, Resnick wrote a couple-hundred (!) non-SF books under various names, then came back to SF in the Eighties, and has 50 or 60 SF books since then. Mike Resnick also keeps his hand in as a seller on eBay, offering high quality and collectible SF & F. The Jeff Jones cover for his 1st book makes that a collectible item.

The dedication identifies this as a Burroughs pastiche, so you know to expect the sort of science-fantasy tale that ERB wrote which inspired many writers. Adam Thane is an American soldier-of-fortune called in on a top-secret "Jupiter Project" after the first two tries failed. He crashes on Ganymede and finds it habitable. Promptly captured by a red-skinned winged man, he quickly adapts and is adopted as a mercenary for the Kroths. He kills one of the local "gods," and falls for the Princess Delisse. Only one problem: Delisse has been promised in enforced marriage to Tarafolga, the most vicious, depraved "god" of Ganymede, and Adam will have to carve his way to the very temple of the gods at Malthor to prevent this.