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Sheffield, Charles
book-date: 1992
cvr art:
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(Tall) Hardcover, Ex-Library
Vincent Di Fate
Book= VG+ to near-Fine
Dustjacket= near-Fine

Tight and square (or almost-square - if there is any tilt it is less than 1/16") Typical ex-library traces: pocket on first endpaper, library stamps on title page, side page-block, and last endpaper. No (other) stamps, marks or writing. DJ protector took any wear and has been discarded, leaving a near-perfect dustjacket (there are glue-traces on the back sides of the flaps where the DJ in protectory had been glued to the book, and also on the endpapers.)

There are 2 more books that share the future history created here: The Ganymede Club (1995) and Dark as Day (2002.) I strongly recomend this book and Dark as Day as my favorites by Sheffield.

Cold as Ice (1992.) [Here's the flap-copy]:
There was a great war between the Inner Planets - Earth and Mars - and the millions who had colonized the asteroid belt and the moons of Jupiter. It was a suicidal spasm in which terrible weapons were created and used, in which 9 billion people were killed. Now, twenty-five years later, there is peace throughout the solar system.

The greatest, richest, most powerful man in the solar system is Cyrus Mobarak, the man who invented the portable fusion generator. His newest project is a dream to use his technology to transform Europa, the icy moon of Jupiter, into a new world for human beings. He can do it, and mankind will have a new home. But Europa is the one body in the solar system that might have native life of its own - and it would be a terrible thing to destroy an entire ecosystem. There are powerful alliances working against Mobarak. And the first thing to do is to discover if Europan life exists at all.

And so one side brings Jon Perry, a remarkable young deepsea explorer from Earth to Europa, to conduct the survey. And Mobarak brings a young woman, Camille Hamilton to Europa, where her quite remarkable ability to calculate fusion tolerances will be necessary for Europa's transforation. With them come the ones who love them, and an odd, magnificently talented musician, Wilsa Sheer.

But the rivalries that led to the war are not gone, and some of the people who fought the war are still alive. And a few of those deadly weapons remain - some still orbiting the sun in the orbits of destroyed ships, some deliberately placed in storage. And then there the results of the most top secret research of all - both sides throught it was destroyed, along with those who created it. But perhaps it was not.

And on Ganymede sits a man who may be able to discover the hidden motive behind all these actions, a human computer named Rustam Battachariya, Mobarak's greast rival and best friend.

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