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Silverberg, Robert
book-date: 1971
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Paul Alexander

A Time of Changes (1971) - Winner of the 1972 Nebula award for best novel (also a Hugo-award nominee.) Serialized in Galaxy March, April and May 1971. [Here's the flap-copy of the hardcover]:
The people of Borthan are ruled by the Covenant. Established thousands of years ago by the original settlers, the Covenant teaches that the self is to be despised, and it forbids anyone to reveal his innermost thoughts or feelings to another. On Borthan,the filthiest obscenities imaginable are the words "I" and "me."

A few men have dared to rebel against this repressive religion and then paid with their lives for the heinous crime of selfbaring. But no one has ever represented a more dangerous threat to the Covenant than Kinnall Darival, a prince of the country of Salla.

Driven from Salla when his brother inherited the throne, Kinnall has established a new life in another land where he has prospered. Although he has outwardly observed the Covenant all his life, inwardly he has committed a grave offense - for Kinnall is secretly in love with his bondsister, Halum.

At birth, all are given a bondsister and a bondbrother, and only among bond-kin may a person reveal anything of himself. Yet Kinnall has never dared to show his love to Halum for, although unrelated by blood, bond-kin are absolutely forbidden to marry.

Ultimately, this leads to Kinnall's rebellion. He meets and Earthman who has discovered a drug that enables two persons to completely bare their souls to each other. Kinnall uses the drug, and the effect is miraculous. He immediately begins to give it to others, but when the authorities discover his self-baring, Kinnall is forced to go into hiding.

Firmly convince of the value of this drug, Kinnall is determined to use it with his bondsister - little realizing the effect this will have upon her and the unalterable change it will bring to both their lives.

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