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Simak, Clifford D.
book-date: 1962
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Jan Esteves

First Avon printing August 1979 paperback (Doubleday hardcover was in 1962.) Cover by Jan Esteves, 278 pages,$2.25 cover price. Condition is Fine: very tight and very square with flat spine; age-tanning is mild and uniform. No stamps, marks or writing - a clean copy that is obviously unread. This is so tight it tends to stay closed.

All the Traps of Earth and other stories - a collection by Clifford D. Simak (1962.) This is another good collection to sample to find out why you should read Simak - it hooked me when I started reading SF. This is Simak at his prime: with a somewhat pastoral voice and values, leavened with a quirky sense of humor and a taste for the weird or alien. This set leans more toward humor and aliens.

Most paperback editions or British variants were abridged - for complete versions you should seek the Doubleday hardcover or its SFBC reprint, and the Avon 1978/1988 paperbacks. Known abridged editions include Macfadden (1963, 1967), Four Square (1964-UK), N.E.L. (1968-UK), Manor Books (1974.) [If you can find hardcovers or complete edtions of Strangers in the Universe and The Worlds of Clifford Simak to go with this, you will have the best 3 volumes of his short fiction - and a lot of good reading.]

    "All the Traps of Earth" - A 600 year-old robot tries to remain himself, even though he must face the perils of nomadic space life to do so.

    "Good Night, Mr. James" - Henderson James, alien psychologist, is on the trail of a vicious, man-killing puudly.

    "Drop Dead" - The strange habits of Critters on an unexplored planet baffle a research team.

    "No Life of Their Own" - The problems aliens, halflings and humans have in adjusting to one another on Earth.

    "The Sitters" - Baby sitters from another planet have unusual effects on their charges.

    "Crying Jag" - Wilburn, an alien, gets drunk on the sad stories he hears on Earth and by doing so, cures people of their woes.

    "Installment Plan" - A ruthless trading company deceptively promises the Garsonians immortality for valuable podar plants.

    "Condition of Employment" - Pilots are drugged with homesickness to enable them to withstand the brutal effects of travel in space.

    "Project Mastodon" - Through the use of a time machine, a 3-man nation in the Pleistocene tries to gain diplomatic recognition by the United States.

These originally appeared in Magazine of F&SF (title story) and Galaxy (all the rest) - from 1951 to 1960, with most from the latter part of the decade.