Stableford, Brian M.
book-date: 1971
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Kelly Freas

Ace 1971 paperback (#14000; cover by Kelly FreasK, 158 pages, 60 cent cover price.) Condition is near-Fine or better: very tight and square with flat spine, age tanning is very mild and uniform, the only wear is a mild bump-trace to upper left corner of back cover (see scan.) No stamps, marks or writing - this looks new/unread, with very minor shelfwear.

The Days of Glory - [The general situation, from back cover]: Ten millenia had passed since the creation of the Beasts, and those ten thousand years had obliterated the original purpose of Adam December and the construct surgeons. The word WAR had been forgotten, and its remembrance wiped out millenia of peaceful coexistence. For the first time, Humans and Beasts were dying throughout the galaxy. But it should have been expected: man had created the Beasts in his own image, and unfortunately, the Beasts were just like him.

[A better illustration of content, from the inside cover]: One of Heljanita's toys was ascending the staircase. It was a tall, thin creature of bright metal, shining by reflected light. It was a parody of a Human or a Beast, with long sleek limbs that had no joints but bore small, delicate hands and feet. Its electronic eyes were slanted and red, its chest decorated with metal whorls which suggested nipples.
"Everything is ready," said the toy in a silky, musical voice.
Heljanita passed into another room where there was a large instrument like a church organ built into the wall. He sat and watched the screen that formed the face of the instrument, and the screen began to shift and spin as the power cables sucked energy from the molten core of the planet.
He was listening - listening to all the myriad messages of Humans and Beasts which flicked through the galaxy on high-omega waves. Irrespective of the frequency, he absorbed them all at one and the same time, planning and weighing: the armies were his puppets, the Beast lords and Human lords his pawns.
Heljanita listened to the galaxy and planned its future...