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Stasheff, Christopher
book-date: 1971
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Jack Gaughan

Ace (#44485, 1st printing) 1971 paperback Cover by Jack Gaughan, 254 pages, 75 cent cover price. Condition is VG+: tight with mild tilt and flat spine; mild uniform age tanning (insides of covers are darker), very light overall wear; slight age-darkening of white cover near spine. No stamps, marks or writing - another clean copy.

King Kobold - [excerpts, review from IF February 1972]:
"This time, Rod Gallowglass, the High Warlock, is somehow more of a figurehead than he was in the first book. He is less personally involved - he now holds an official position where his job demands he handle things, and the pressures on him are much weaker. Too, the reader is shown too many events that are outside the protagonist's ken. This puts one in the position of frequently knowing more about the story than he does and further saps interest... The menace this time around is not internal to Gramarye or to Rod's lack of knowledge. We have a Menace - a typically ugly, brutish menace, apparently. Creatures like Neanderthal men (as pictured in too many stories) are being led against the king and Rod is summoned to handle them. Okay, turns out that the reasons for the invasion aren't quite what we might expect, but they are not that much of a surprise, either. There are some excellent touches, such as the relationship of an old witch and a hermit wizard and their corporeal but unborn son. But somehow, the whole matter of the son becomes contrived and lackluster when he has to be fitted into the interplanetary organization to which Rod belongs. Stasheff writes well, and some of his SF and fantasy combine smoothly... it's worth reading if you don't expect too much of the evening spent with it. And I still think Stasheff is going to make a reputation as a fine writer." [-Lester del Rey]