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Tubb, E.C.
book-date: 1976
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Ray Feibush
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ex-ChUSFA: stamp on first inside page, page 85. MORE INFO

Tight and square with flat spine - this looks unread. Back cover shows a very faint speckling - where close contact with another book caused ink transfer of dots of ink. There is a faint stain-trace on top/bottom page blocks next to spine (1-1/2") which continues inside at the top about 1/4" - in margins only. Also affected by this is the right side of back cover next to spine: light stain and scrape or rubbed area where ink is gone at lower right (see Scan #2.)

The Dumarest series lasted about 30 books, and I would recommend most of the early ones (particularly the Ace-Doubles) as good reading. If you're not familiar with the premise, Earl Dumarest was born on Earth, but wandered so far from it in a crowded galaxy that people in the region he is currently in think that Earth is but a legend, like "El Dorado." (The Traveller gaming system, with High and Low Passage, quicktime and basic, is loosely based on the very populated galaxy Dumarest travels in.) He picks up friends and enemies, and occaisionally a clue pointing towards Earth.

Spectrum of a Forgotten Sun - #15 in the series. To sell yourself as a soldier in someone else's war makes no sense unless your side wins. No one becomes a mercenary except desperate men, natural killers, and someone like Earl Dumarest. He sold himself because he had a quest and he always needed money to continue his search for the way home to Earth, a world in whose existence nobody believed. Earl's side lost and Earl, a survivor, had to pay the penalty - more service as a military target or a mission for a ruthless lady who recognized a man of heroic talents when she saw one at her mercy. But there might be an unexpected bonus waiting for Earl at the end of that unwilling mission - the coordinates of a planet called Terra…