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Tubb, E.C.
ZENYA [d11]
book-date: 1974
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Kelly Freas

DAW 1st printing August 1974 paperback. Cover by Kelly FreasK, frontispiece by Jack Gaughan, 157 pages, 95 cent cover price. Condition is near-Fine: tight and square with flat spine, age tanning is mild to moderate and uniform (insides of covers are darker); back cover is showing some age-darkening at sides and top (see scan #2.) Bookstore stamp at top of first inside page; no other marks or writing. Tight and square enough that it may be unread - age is starting to take its toll.

The Dumarest series lasted about 30 books, and I would recommend most of the early ones (particularly the Ace-Doubles) as good reading. If you're not familiar with the premise, Earl Dumarest was born on Earth, but wandered so far from it in a crowded galaxy that people in the region he is currently in think that Earth is but a legend, like "El Dorado." (The Traveller gaming system, with High and Low Passage, quicktime and basic, is loosely based on the very populated galaxy Dumarest travels in.) He picks up friends and enemies, and occaisionally a clue pointing towards Earth.

Zenya - While looking for clues to the whereabouts of Earth on the planet Paiyar, Dumarest is approached by the beautiful Zenya. It seems her grandfather has heard of his quest and wants to meet Dumarest. Chan Parect is amused, and wants Earl as a tool in his plans: to lead an army for Zenya's faction. Only one problem - Chan Parect is insane. And while Dumarest is involved in the plotting on Paiyar, the Cyclan are weaving a web to capture him - for they have been chasing him from planet to planet for a secret he bears.