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Van Vogt, A.E.
THE BOOK OF PTATH {Jeff Jones cvr}
book-date: 1947
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Paperback Library
Jeff Jones

Jeff Jones was most active in the late Sixties & early Seventies. When he got a cover assignment, he always did a superb job, as you can see by this great cover on a novel by A. E. Van Vogt, reprinted in 1969. Earlier paperback printings had different art - I claim this is the nicest cover ever for this book (which is one of the better ones by Van Vogt.)

Paperback Library 3rd printing paperback: May 1969 (original Fantasy Press hardcover was 1947.) Cover by Jeff Jones, 159 pages, 60 cent cover price. Condition is Fine or better: very tight and square with flat spine, age tanning is very mild and uniform. Edges still have crispness, and covers front & back still have the "new book" gloss. No stamps, marks or writing - a clean copy that looks new. It is hard to find a copy with this cover in good shape.

The first book version was under the original magazine title The Book of Ptath - as the first book from Fantasy Press in 1947. Magazine appearance was in Unknown October 1943. This has been retitled as Two Hundred Million A.D. or Ptath for some paperback reprints.

"He whose strength was unlimited, who tires not, and knows no fearů" "He" was Ptath, the greatest god the mind of man had ever created. He had returned to the Gondwanaland of the far future, but against his will. The goddess Ineznia, his deadly rival, had thrust him into the dangerous world of 200 million A.D. in mortal form. Could Ptath, with only the limited strengths of a mere man, win his furious contest with Ineznia?