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Van Vogt, A.E.
omni,w/new-to-book: 1953
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Ace (D-31)
Ace-Double (1 author)
Paul Orban; Stanley Meltzoff
Good+ or better
This one is hard to price or put a value on: both halves have been reprinted several times - this is "merely" the first paperback appearance for The World of Null-A and the first book appearance for the other side. However, this is the first Ace Double where both sides were Science Fiction - giving it some "historical" significance and value (in any condition.)

The first Ace Double where both halves were Science Fiction - by A. E. Van Vogt (for both sides): The Universe Maker (first book appearance), bound with The Players of Null-A (first paperback edition.)

The Universe Maker: cover by Paul Orban, 138 pages. "The" is dropped from the title only on cover and spine - it is included on title page and page-headers. [Magazine version in Startling Stories January 1950 (as "The Shadow Men.")]

Did you ever hear of The Inter-Time Society for Psychological Adjustments? Well, neither had Morton Cargill when he accidentally killed a girl in an auto crash. But a year later that very girl turned up, apparantly alive, and announced that the mysterious society had condemned him to death! Cargill's astounding adventures began when he escaped the execution chamber to find himself in the far future. 3 conflicting societies were hunting him for use in their own desparate schemes. There were the Floaters, a nation of aerial vagabonds; the Tweeners, who dreamed of world conquest; and then there were the Shadow Men - supermen without visible substance…

The World of Null-A: cover by Stanley Meltzoff, 182 pages. Serialized in Astounding August to October 1945 as The World of A. In the year 2650 A.D., Earth is a utopia whose leaders are selected by an omniscient Games Machine, governed by a rigid scientific policy, and seemingly forever protected from strife and war. Yet Gilbert Gosseyn faced a fact that defied all the logic of his training: standing in front of his own bullet-riddled corpse, he found himself alive in an identical body (!) … and possessing a half-realized knowledge that offered the only hope of saving the entire Solar System from conquest by alien forces.