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Zahn, Timothy
book-date: 1986
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Doug Beekman

Baen Books April 1987 (1st printing) paperback (Bluejay hardcover was in 1986.) Cover by Doug Beekman, 405 pages, $3.95 cover price. Condition is VG+ or better: tight and almost square, spine has no lines but is very slightly dished; trace of overall wear. No stamps, marks or writing.

Timothy Zahn's first short story collection: Cascade Point. Zahn has a Masters in Physics, and most of these stories first appeared in Analog in the early Eighties. This is a really good collection of Analog style problem solving stories. One reason Zahn has always had my respect is that he would write short fiction, and not expand every idea into a novel (even though that's where the money is.) If you want an idea of the range of Timothy Zahn's writing, this would be a good place to start. The title story is about probability effects observed as a side effect of a space drive, and what happens when someone interprets, and acts on what he sees. This won the Hugo Award in 1984 for best Novella. "Return to the Fold" was a Hugo nominee in 1985. I really liked "The Cassandra" (I wanted to nominate it for a Hugo.)

The Giftie Gie Us
The Dreamsender
The Energy Crisis of 2215
Return to the Fold
The Shadows of Evening
Not Always to the Strong
The Challenge
The Cassandra
Dragon Pax
Job Inaction
The Final Report on the Lifeline Experiment
Cascade Point

Most of these stories first appeared in Analog in the early Eighties, with one each from Amazing, Magazine of F&SF, Rigel, and The Space Gamer, plus an orginal story.

A bit of trivia about the cover - the one on the hardcover is from the title story "Cascade Point" and matches the Analog cover. But the paperback of this book used the Analog cover to that story's sequel: "The Evidence of Things Not Seen" (illustrating a similar scene; that story is not included here - but appears in a later collection.)