Blaine, John
book-date: 1947
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Grosset & Dunlap hardcover (probably from 1965 - the date of the latest book listed on back cover.) This has a printed cover (they stopped dustjackets as of 1962.) Copyright 1947. Cover artist unknown, 209 pages. Lists books through The Flaming Mountain on inside page and u>The Veiled Raiders on back cover. Book condition is near-Fine: tight and square, age tanning is very mild and uniform, light bumping/wear to ends of spine. No stamps, marks or writing - a clean copy.

The second book in the "Rick Brant" series by John Blaine: The Lost City. "John Blaine" is a pen-name for Harold Leland (Hal) Goodwin. The first 3 were written in collaboration with Peter Hawkins, starting in 1947. After Hawkins moved to Arkansas, Goodwin continued on his own, writing 21 more over the next 20 years (although the last didn't see publication until 1990.) When I read these as a teen, I placed them midway between the Hardy Boys (mysteries) and Tom Swift (science fiction) - with the science gimmick for each book believable and attainable.

The Lost City - The team at Spindrift splits up to carry out 2 halves of a project. Rick and Scotty, along with scientists Weiss and Zircon, travel to Tibet to set up a moon relay by radar. Unknown enemies dog their every step, trying to thwart their purpose, and Rick and his party are at a loss to understand their sinister motives. As they venture deeper and deeper into the wild and mountainous regions of Tibet, the forces working against them become increasingly menacing until Rick and his party come close to death in a strange, forbidden city lost in the Himalayas... This book introduces the Indian boy Chahda, who joins them in several later books.