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Bradbury, Ray
1995 expansion of 1990 book
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Barclay Shaw

Bantam/Spectra (revised) third printing 1995 paperback (original version was in 1990.) Cover by Barclay Shaw, 348 pages, $5.99 cover price. Condition is VG+: tight and square with flat spine; age tanning is mild and uniform; back cover shows light wear at top - bump trace? (see scan.) No stamps, marks or writing.

Classic Stories 1 - a collection of stories by Ray Bradbury. If you’ve ever complained about the duplication and overlap of Bradbury collections like R is for Rocket and S is for Space - then this collection is half the solution. The combination of this collection and its companion collection Classic Stories 2 contains ALL stories from the above 2 collections, plus all 44 stories from the collections The Golden Apples of the Sun and A Medicine for Melancholy. This particular printing/edition corrects an omission of the first 2 printings which left out the title story from The Golden Apples of the Sun - (which had made the the neat combination somewhat pointless.) To further complicate the issue, the contents of this 1995 third printing was issued under the title The Golden Apples of the Sun and Other Stories in 1997 for the Avon edition. What makes that title-change so confusing is that it (and this collection) contain only 19 of the 22 stories from the original 1953 lineup of The Golden Apples of the Sun. Those 3 missing stories are in S is for Space, and included in Classic Stories 2.

(from: The Golden Apples of the Sun: )
The Fog Horn
The April Witch
The Wilderness
The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl
The Flying Machine
The Murderer
The Golden Kite, The Silver Wind
I See You Never
The Big Black and White Game
The Great Wide World Over There
The Powerhouse
En La Noche
Sun and Shadow
The Meadow
The Garbage Collector
The Great Fire
The Golden Apples of the Sun

(from: R is for Rocket: )
R Is for Rocket
The End of the Beginning
The Rocket
The Rocket Man
A Sound of Thunder
The Long Rain
The Exiles
Here There Be Tygers
The Strawberry Window
The Dragon
Frost and Fire
Uncle Einar
The Time Machine
The Sound of Summer Running

These originally appeared from 1943 to 1957 - a few from classic SF magazines like Famous Fantastic Mysteries or Planet Stories, most from "slick" popular magazines like Colliers, Charm, or Saturday Evening Post.