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Bradbury, Ray
1997 revision of 1950 book
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Arthur Lidov

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(Preface by Kim Stanley Robinson; Intro by Ray Bradbury)
Rocket Summer {br}
Ylla - (original title ="I'll Not Look for Wine")
The Summer Night - (original title ="The Spring Night")
The Earth Men
The Taxpayer {br}
The Third Expedition - (original title ="Mars is Heaven")
-And the Moon Be Still as Bright
The Settlers {br}
The Green Morning
The Locusts {br}
Night Meeting
The Shore {br}
The Fire Balloons
Interim {br}
The Musicians {br}
The Wilderness
The Naming of Names {br}
Usher II - (original title ="Carnival of Madness")
The Old Ones {br}
The Martian - (original title ="Impossible")
The Luggage Store {br}
The Off Season
The Watchers {br}
The Silent Towns
The Long Years
There Will Come Soft Rains
The Million Year Picnic

About half of these were original to the 1950 edition - including many short bridge-passages or vignettes (marked "{br}".) In THE RAY BRADBURY COMPANION (1975), W. F. Nolan states that the "bridge-passages" have NO relationship to stories of the same title appearing elsewhere. The rest first appeared from 1946 to 1950 - in MacLean's, Arkham Sampler, Thrilling Wonder Stories, Planet Stories, Super-Science, Charm, Colliers. British editions have often had slight variations of the contents (1 or 2 stories added/omitted.)

The lineup of stories for this book has "evolved" since its original 1950 edition, with British variants having one or more stories omitted (and substituting others not in the 1950 lineup.) American editions eventually included the stories added/substituted by British versions ("The Fire Balloons" and "The Wilderness" were both included in the standard lineup by 1973.) This 2001 edition adds a new preface by K. S. Robinson to the contents of the 1997 Avon edition - which had "been updated and revised" (dates of the stories have been pushed back 31 years.) That 1997 lineup drops "Way in the Middle of the Air". With the new introductions and revisions this is definitely not a facsimilie reprint, but it hearkens back to the original 1950 hardcover by using the same cover art.