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Bujold, Lois M.
(reprint) omni, plus stories: 1997
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Gary Ruddell

Omnibus of: THE WARRIOR'S APPRENTICE (1986) + Mountains of Mourning (novella: Hugo,Nebula winner) + THE VOR GAME (1990 - Hugo winner.) If you haven't read much by Bujold - this would be a good introduction to Miles Vorkosigan.

Baen: "First Printing" June 1997 hardcover. Printed-art with no dustjacket - as issued, simultaneous with June 1997 trade paperback (which was priced at $15.00.) Cover art by Gary Ruddell, 583 pages, $22.00 cover price. [The cover art is a composite of 2 Ruddell paintings: foreground from March 1996 4th printing of The Vor Game, and the top portion was first seen in full on the October 1997 6th printing of The Warrior's Apprentice.] Condition is Fine: tight and square with flat spine; corners are still sharp; age tanning is mild and uniform [I'm not impressed by the paper quality - you won't be able to find better for this edition.] No stamps, marks or writing. I did some checking online for pricing this - I am near the bottom (apparently very few were printed.)

The Warrior's Apprentice - Aral and Cordelia had a son, Miles - brilliant but born crippled, with brittle bones. Grandson of the Great General, and son of the Great Admiral, Miles is steeped in military culture and tradition. So when he fails the physical exams for military training school, his disappointment is devastating. He decides on a long vacation to Beta Colony, taking his bodyguard Bothari's daughter Elena in tow. Miles has an aptitude for trouble, and soon finds himself collecting personnel, and even a freighter. In an inspired get-rich-quick scheme to use all he has acquired to get out of hock, he hits on the idea of running a cargo into a war zone - breaking a blockade by smuggling. One thing leads to another, and he finds himself in the middle of the war: pawning himself off as "Admiral Naismith - mercenary consultant," and ostensibly leader of the newly invented "Dendarii Free Mercenaries."

The only problem with continued improvisation is delivering on your promises - and Miles kept acquiring more people who were looking to him for leadership. One of his most valuable "recruits" is Ky Tung, formerly Captain in the Oseran Free Mercenary fleet - who happens to be a military history buff who dotes on every word that Aral Vorkosigan ever wrote. Tung is the real version of what Miles is trying to fake - he is the Warrior that Miles will learn from. Along the way, we also learn just how much Aral, Cordelia, and Miles owe to Sergeant Bothari, and part of what he owes to them. This is more light-hearted or manic than Shards of Honor, but it still has its serious moments. Bujold is always clear about the consequences of actions, and the need to take the right action to produce the desired consequence.

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