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Bujold, Lois M.
book-date: 2010
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(Tall) Hardcover
David Seeley
Book= Fine-
Dustjacket= Fine-

Color was difficult to capture accurately, since the middle of the cover uses foil - should be more yellow or tan than greenish. / Bujold is my favorite living author. I liked this and have already re-read my copy - but can't recommend it as a stand-alone title (be sure you've read several of the other books in the series first.) Comes with "The Cryoburn Disk" - a CD containing 6 omnibus titles, plus Cryoburn, Diplomatic Immunity, The Vorkosigan Companion (nonfiction), and essays, forewords, speeches. That combination includes 14 books from the Vorkosigan series: from Falling Free and the Cordelia & Aral Vorkosigan pair and Ethan of Athos - but it duplicates Diplomatic Immunity by having it in an omnibus and separate, and omits Memory (which was not included in the omnibus sets.) These can be viewed in a number of fomats including on a browser or iPad or Kindle device. I don't think these versions can replace a durable book like this one - but they are very portable and can be read on a laptop or tablet/reader.

Cryoburn (2012) - the latest novel in Bujold's "Vorkosigan" series featuring Miles Vorkosigan, which takes place 7 years after events told of in Diplomatic Immunity

[Here's the flap-copy, for a summary/set-up]:
Kibou-daini is a planet obsessed with cheating death. Barrayaran Imperial Auditor Miles Vorkosigan can hardly disapprove - he's been cheating death his whole life, on the theory that turnabout is fair play. But when a Kibou-daini cryocorp - an immortal company whose job it is to shepherd its all-too-mortal frozen patrons into an unknown future - attempts to expand its franchise into the Barrayaran Empire, Emperor Gregor dispatches his top troubleshooter Miles to check it out.

On Kibou-daini, Miles discovers generational conflict over money and resources is heating up, even as refugees displaced in time skew the meaning of generation past repair. Here he finds a young boy with a passion for pets and a dangerous secret, a Snow White trapped in an icy coffin who burns to re-write her own tale, and a mysterious crone who is the very embodiment of the warning Don't mess with the secretary. Bribery, corruption, conspiracy, kidnapping - something is rotten on Kibou-daini, and it isn't due to power outages in the Cryocombs. And Miles is in the middle - of trouble!

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