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Charbonneau, Louis
book-date: 1960
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Zenith Books [#ZB40; 1st printing] March 1960 paperback original. Cover by ???, 160 pages, 35 cent cover price. Condition is VG/VG+: tight with slight tilt and flat spine; mild to moderate uniform age tanning; light overall wear including line next to spine, 1-1/2" fold-trace at bottom right of front cover, rubbing to back cover (see scans.) Previous owner's name inside cover, price impression at top left of cover; no other writing, stamps, or marks.

Corpus Earthling, by Louis Charbonneau - in it's original paperback appearence from a rather obscure publisher. This became the basis of an episode in season one of THE OUTER LIMITS (TV show) in 1963 - the episode kept this title, and starred Robert Culp. Since I haven't read this and the back cover copy is rather short, I rely on parts of a review (from Analog December 1960), for a summary/set-up. Notice that Miller's last prediction became very true...

"...Some time in the future, UCLA instructor Paul Cameron begins to "overhear" telepathically the conversations of 2 Martians who are inhabiting human bodies, and who intend to open a bridgehead for the rest of their kind. They spot him as a listener and set out to eliminate him, by nudging him telepathically into a fatal accident or suicide, and by simple murder. Cameron, on his part, sets out to eliminate the possible hosts for his alien enemies and find out who the two are. Since 3 of the suspects are beautiful coeds - one a part-time waitress who is promptly murdered, bringing the police down on him - the good Prof is able to do a good share of his interviewing in bed, or on the way to it... ...What do you want to bet Hollywood buys this one?" [-P. Schuyler Miller]