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Campbell, John W.
(reprint) omnibus: 1973
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Hardcover, Ex-Library
typography/design - no artist listed
Book= VG+ or better
Dustjacket= Good-

Book is very tight and square - rebound by a library. Dustjacket has no obvious tears, but tape repairs are found inside at top and bottom of spine; moderate to heavy wear at flap-bends and spine. Despite the wear to DJ and rebound state, I think this has some value if you want these titles in hardcover - I don't see copies very often, and the original Fantasy Press hardcovers for each book would be very expensive.

Omnibus of the 3 "Arcot, Wade, and Morey" novels: THE BLACK STAR PASSES (1953) + ISLANDS OF SPACE (1956) + INVADERS FROM THE INFINITE (1961). Book versions were revised from earlier magazine appearances in the early Thirties.

John W. Campbell's Islands of Space (copyright 1956; released 1957.) The sequel to The Black Star Passes - featuring the team of Arcot, Wade, and Morey. Original magazine version in Amazing Stories Quarterly Spring 1931. Since I haven't read this - I'll have to quote excerpts from P. Schuyler Miller's review (in slightly more detail than the back cover of the first paperback):

It was a world-beater in those days. Although carefully modernized, it's old-fashioned now. It is also very characteristic of the best "hard" SF of its day. This time [Arcot, Wade, and Morey] give us what may have been the first "space-warp" drive… and was certainly the first to be laid out in detail. The concept was simple; to make it plausible wasn't - unless you were John W. Campbell. With this out-of-space drive they hightail it among the stars. They locate the fugitive planets of the Black Star which they had battled in the previous book, find a frozen cemetary-world of a lost race, then head out for another galaxy. In this voyage through space, our heroes meet - and beat - a number of purely natural dangers, and wind up on the side of the Good Guys in a knock-down-and-drag-out interplanetary war in the other galaxy.

John W. Campbell's Invaders from the Infinite (copyright 1961.) This is third in the series begun with The Black Star Passes - featuring the team of Arcot, Wade, and Morey. Revised from original magazine version in Amazing Stories Quarterly Spring/Summer 1932. Since I haven't read this - I'll have to quote excerpts from P. Schuyler Miller's review in Analog September 1961:

"This yarn was close to the peak of the "super physics" school of that era, which John and Dr. E. E. Smith carved out of a corner of the space-opera field. Skittering around the frontiers of physical and chemical theory, using something that was not quite scientific double-talk to explain the miracles that the heroes brought out of thin air almost by snapping their fingers, they nevertheless maintained a pace and created a spirit of excitement that typified the science fiction of their day. Their readers put down the magazine convinced that if scientists weren't such stupid clods, all these things could come to pass next Tuesday."

"In this, utterly ruthless, utterly villianous villians from the other side of nowhere set out to exterminate all competition in our galaxy. A race of super-dogs come to Earth for help, and our trio of supermen glady give it. They zip around the universe collecting allies and weapons, fighting skirmish after skirmish and battle after battle... travel in time as well as space... oppose irresistible forces with immovable screens... and, of course, win hands down. The fireworks are terrific, and there's never time to get choosy about the logic." [-P. Schuyler Miller]

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