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Chandler, A. Bertram
(reprint) omnibus: 2004
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Jim Burns

Book= Fine-
Dustjacket= Fine-

Book is tight and square, minor bumping to spine ends. DJ has slight rubbing wear on the (blank) back cover.

A nice hardcover omnibus of 4 "John Grimes/Rim" books by A. Bertram Chandler: John Grimes: Rim Runner (2004) - containing 2 novels: Into the Alternate Universe (1964), Contraband from Otherspace (1967); and 2 collections: The Rim Gods (1968), and The Commodore at Sea [original title: Alternate Orbits] (1971.) These are later in the series by internal chronology. Since most of Chandler's output were paperback originals, this is probably the first hardcover appearance for any of these.

Into the Alternate Universe - Sonya Verrill of the Interstellar Federation Survey Service talks Commodore John Grimes of the Rim into coming along on a search for Rim Ghosts or passage to an alternate universe, with her own private agenda. They break through - to an endless gulf, where they find an ancient and abandoned ship from the seas of Earth: the Waratah. Then there's the problem of how to get back to their own universe…

Contraband from Otherspace - Out on the Rim, time and space undergo strange distortions and "space ghosts" may appear where no ship ought to be. Where Commodore Grimes of the Rim Mamelute was concerned the derelict vessel, so strangely named Distriyir, was no space ghost. It was solid, it was real, and it was very disturbing. For one thing, it had been manned by desperate men and women clad in rags. For another, everything was curiously misplaced, misspelled, somehow wrong, even to the adjustment of seats as if people had tails! All too soon Grimes realized that the truth would be too dreadful to contemplate and that, whatever were the facts, he would have to act at once to blot out both the strange ship and its entire historical continuum, at whatever the cost! [Serialized in IF September & October 1966 as "Edge of Night."]

The Rim Gods - A fix-up of 4 novelets that appeared in If in 1968:
The Rim Gods
The Bird-Brained Navigator
The Tin Fishes
The Last Dreamer

The Commodore at Sea - 4 novelets featuring John Grimes, 3 of which appeared in Galaxy 1969-1971. Contents:
Hall of Fame
The Sister Ships
The Man Who Sailed the Sky
The Rub

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