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Compton, D.G.
book-date: 1968
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Ace (SF Special; H-86)
Leo & Diane Dillon

Ace (H-86) 1968 paperback. Cover by Leo and Diane Dillon, 189 pages, 60 cent cover price. Condition is VG+: tight and square with flat spine; age-tanning is very mild and uniform; light overall wear - mainly as a 1/4" by 3/4" bumped or stressed area at top right corner of front cover (see scan.) No stamps, marks or writing - a clean copy that appears unread (or perhaps read once with care.)

Synthajoy, by D. G. Compton. This one I've read and liked, and recommend. But for a coherent plot summary, I once again rely on P. Schuyler Miller, and quote from a review in Analog (June 1969):
"The story is gradually and indirectly told by the widow of the Nobel laureate who invented Sensitape, an electronic means by which anyone can experience the emotions of the person or persons who recorded the original experience. An audience can feel what an artist feels as he paints, what a composer feels as he plays his greatest works... and what a pair of sexual athletes feel as they enjoy each other. Thea Cadence has been tried and is under Sensitape treatment for having murdered her world-hero husband, under circumstances that she no longer wants to remember and that only gradually unfold in bits and pieces as she does confusedly drift back into various parts of her past. The personality of Edward Cadence, brilliant and ruthless, also evolves as we see him through her eyes and through his actions, heading for his final triumph in Synthajoy. This will undoubtedly be a candidate for awards.