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Ellison, Harlan
book-date: 1987
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(Tall) Trade paperback
Leo & Diane Dillon

The title pretty much says it all - unless you have a very large Ellison collection, you will probably want this just to make sure you have his most important works. A mixture of SF, fiction, essays, introductions. Edited by Terry Dowling with Richard Delap & Gil Lamont. There's at least a half-dozen award winners here, and probably more award-nominees.

(Introduction by Terry Dowling)
I: Beginnings:
The Sword of Parmagon (1949)
The Gloconda (1949)
The Wilder One (1955)
The Saga of Machine Gun Joe (1955)
Glow Worm (1956)
Life Hutch (1956)
S. R. O. (1957)

II: Worlds of Terror
Lonelyache (1964)
Punky & the Yale Men (1966)
A Prayer for No One's Enemy (1966)

III: Worlds of Love:
In Lonely Lands (1959)
The Time of the Eye (1959)
Grail (1981)

IV: That New Old-Time Religion:
I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream (1967)
Corpse (1972)
The Whimper of Whipped Dogs (1973)

V: A Stab of Merriment:
A Voice in the Garden (1967)
Erotophobia (1971)
Mom (1976)
Ecowareness (1974)
The Outpost Undiscovered By Tourists (1981)
Dept. of "What Was the Question?" Dept. (1974)
Dept. of "Trivial Pursuit" Dept. (1972-86)

VI: Trouble With Women:
The Very Last Day of a Good Woman (1958) - (original title= "The Last Day")
Valerie: A True Memoir (1972)
The Other Eye of Polyphemus (1977)
All the Birds Come Home to Roost (1979)

VII: To the Mattresses with Mean Demons:
The Tombs (1961)
"Our Little Miss" (1970)
A Love Song for Jerry Falwell (1984)
Telltale Tics and Tremors (1977)
True Love: Groping for the Holy Grail (1978) - (original title= "How I Survived the Great Videotape Matchmaker")
Adrift Just Off the Islets of Langerhans: Lattitude 38* 54' N, Longitude 77* 00' 13" W (1974)

VIII: Rococo Technology:
The Sky is Burning (1958)
The Prowler in the City at the Edge of the World (1967)
Along the Scenic Route (1969)
The Song the Zombie Sang {with/ Robert Silverberg} (1970)
Knox (1974)

IX: Heart's Blood:
From Alabamy, With Hate (1965) - (original title= "March to Montgomery")
My Father (1972)
My Mother (1976)
Tired Old Man (1975)
Gopher in the Gully (1982)
Strange Wine (1976)

X: Nights & Days in Good Old Hollyweird:
The Resurgence of Miss Ankle-Strap Wedgie (1968)
Flintlock: An Unproduced Teleplay (1972)
The Man on the Mushroom (1974)
Somehow, I Don't Think We're in Kansas, Toto (1974)
Face Down in Gloria Swanson's Swimming Pool (1978)

XI: Petards & Hangings:
Soldier (1957)
The Night of Delicate Terrors (1961)
Shattered Like a Glass Goblin (1968)
At the Mouse Circus (1977)

XII: Shadows from the Past:
Free With This Box! (1958)
Final Shtick (1960)
One Life, Furnished in Early Poverty (1970)
Jeffty is Five (1977)

XIII: Contracts on the Soul:
Daniel White for the Greater Good (1961)
Neither Your Jenny Nor Mine (1964)
Alive and Well and on a Friendless Voyage (1977)

XIV: The Classics:
"Repent, Harlequin!" Said the Ticktockman (1965)
Pretty Maggie Moneyeyes (1967)
A Boy and His Dog (1969)
The Deathbird (1973)

XV: Dark Liberation:
The Thick Red Moment (1982)
The Man Who Was Heavily Into Revenge (1978)
Driving in the Spikes (1983)

Most of these have appeared in earlier Ellison collections (a few in several.) All stories are from "preferred texts." The teleplay "Flintlock" (80 pages) was first published in the 1987 Nemo Press hardcover of this collection. Original appearances from 1949 to 1983 - in The Cleveland News (2), (Ohio State University) Sundial (2), Infinity, IF (3), Knight (4), Cad, Fantastic Universe (2), The Saint (3), Twilight Zone, Magazine of F&SF (6), Lighthouse, Penthouse, Silver Foxes, Sideshow, Rogue (3), L. A. Free Press (3), Cosmos, Playboy, Unearth, Los Angeles (2), Adam, Cosmopolitan, Crawdaddy, Mike Shayne's, Amazing, Genesis, The Paper: A Chicago Weekly, Galaxy, Los Angeles Weekly News, Analog and Bad Moon Rising, Memos from Purgatory, Dangerous Visions, Stalking the Nightmare, Love Ain't Nothing But Sex Misspelled, Ellison Wonderland, Orbit 4, New Dimensions 1, Orbit 8, The Beast That Shouted "Love" at the Heart of the World, Phoenix Without Ashes, Bad Moon Rising.