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De Camp, L. Sprague
book-date: 1953
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Bob Pepper

Signet "First Printing" November 1971 first paperback edition (Twayne hardcover was in 193.) Cover by Bob Pepper, 255 pages, 95 cent cover price. Condition is VG+: tight and almost square (spine is flat with one line down middle and some age-wear; age tanning is mild and uniform; light overall wear (mostly as faint rubbing on back cover.) Previous owner's name and date written at top of first inside page - no other writing, stamps, or marks - a clean copy.

The Continent Makers and Other Tales of the Viagens, a collection of "Viagens" stories by L. Sprague de Camp. A couple of these can be found in other de Camp collections - but most can only be found here (or in sixty-year-old magazines.) The original hardcover edition of this collection was in 1953 from Twayne; it took 18 years for this first paperback edtion to come out (in 1971.)

(Introduction by de Camp)
The Inspector's Teeth
Summer Wear
The Galton Whistle
The Animal-Cracker Plot
Git Along!
Perpetual Motion
The Continent Makers.

Four of these originally appeared in Astounding; the others are from Startling Stories, Future (2), and Thrilling Wonder Stories - all from the brief span of 1949 to 1951.

Since I haven't read my copy, here's parts of a review (in Astounding November 1953):
"...it should be no news to ASF readers that the Viagens stories deal with a future - dated here between A.D. 2054 and 2153 - in which a dominant Brazil conducts interstellar commerce among the planets of various stars, and particularly with Vishnu, Krishna, and Ganesha of Tau Ceti; Osirus, Isis and Thoth of Procyon, and Thor of Epsilon Eridani. In this broad setting there is ample room for swashbucking, skullduggery and horseplay, in which de Camp deals deftly from time to time... The collection opens with "The Inspector's Teeth" and with an Osirian dinosaur enrolled as a freshman at Atlantic U. and pledged to Iota Gamma Omicron. In "Summer Wear" a fashion sales agent mixes with an equally unscrupulous rival, subjective time, and Hollywood fashion-proneness. "Finished" introduces the problem of keeping the highly alert Krishnans from out-world inventions and mixes in the affair of the Sotaspean mummy. All good fun, which you probably remember well. "The Galton Whistle" - originally "Ultrasonic God" - takes us to Vishno for a brush with the centaurs native to that planet. Two of the stories deal with that interstellar sharp-practicioner Darius Koshay, of whom I should like to have heard more. His goal in life seems to be getting around the regulations of the Viagens and profiting thereby. In "The Animal-Cracker Plot" he is on Vishnu, dealing deftly in magic. In "Git Along!" he becomes one Moritz Gloppenheimer, establishes a dude ranch on Osirus, and comes about as close to a comeuppance as at any time in our acquaintance. Meanwhile an equally larcenous individual by the name of Felix Borel has involved himself on Krishna in the affair of "Perpetual Motion," the fascinating Zerdai, and the embarassing rules of the Order of Qarar... The title story, worth about one quarter of the book, takes place back on Earth. There are various aliens involve in the events which surround an attempt to create a new continent in the South Atlantic - an ostrich from Thor, a beautiful Krishnan tourist, an Osirian reptile with a Thothian pet - with a gramd climax on Ascension Island." [-P. Schuyler Miller]