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Gilman, R.C. (=Coppel)
book-date: 1968
cvr art:
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Harcourt Brace &World
Richard Loehle
Book= Fine
Dustjacket= near-Fine

A rare hardcover first edition of the beginning of a juvenile SF trilogy by Alfred Coppel, writing as"Robert Cham Gilman" - The Rebel of Rhada. There was a paperback of this the same year, but the 2 sequels did not appear in paperback for a decade or more - and a fourth entry in the series was added in 1985.

Harcourt, Brace & World: 1968 hardcover (stated "first edition" on credits page.) Cover by Richard Loehle, 192 pages, $3.75 cover price. Condition is Fine in a near-Fine or better dustjacket: tight and square, no bump traces at ends of spine (corners are still sharp), age tanning is mild and uniform. No stamps, marks or writing - a very clean copy. Unclipped DJ has no tears, with very light wear to (blank) back cover and edge of back flap (see scans.) When I got this 2 decades ago, I placed it in a new Demco DJ protector, which has kept it in great shape.

The Rebel of Rhada: Linking the future-present and the fragmentary past are spaceships built long before, now guided by the incantations of navigator-priests - a link with the Golden Age when men colonized the galaxy, established a stable Empire, and created cybernetic organisms to do their dirty work. Kier expected betrayal when summoned to Imperial court at Nyor on Earth. Why else would a star king from a loyal Rim-world state be told to appear with only those of his household "needful for comfort"? His resistance to increasing Imperial demands for tribute had earned him the name of Reble among his own people, yet Kier remained loyal to the Vykan dynasty and the Empire, even though the emperor - the Galacton - was a 12-year-old boy. He expected treachery, but not treason and the downfall of an emperor. In the desperate hours that ensued, Kier managed to escape with his small band and Ariane, sister of the Galacton. Kier fought fiercely to keep the second Stellar Empire united and restore peace - because failure would mean the return of a black age that would surpass any man had known.

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