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Dick, Philip K.
book-date: 1969
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Trade paperback
Design: Heidi North

Looks new/unread - a review copy with the slip still inside.

Philip K. Dick: Galactic Pot-Healer (1969.) Not all blurbs are created equal, so I'm quoting from another edition for the best plot summary I could find:

By profession, Joe Fernwright mend pots - or any other kind of ceramic ware left over from the Old Days, when such things weren't always made of plastic. Hardly anyone needs his work, however, for very few ceramic pieces remain. Joe is bored to death with his inactive life in the city of Cleveland (once "Ohio"), North American Citizen's Republic. One day a letter drops through his mail tube. Pot healer, I need you. And I will pay," the message reads. The next day, another letter. "I will pay you 35,000 crumbles." A "crumble" is the monetary unit of Sirius Five, a planet whose dominant life form is the Glimmung, and enormous creature which migrated there three centuries ago and took over the original species, the Fog-Things. Soon a third message arrives: "We shall raise Heldscalla." Joe dials the vocal encyclopedia and learns that Heldscalla is the ancient cathedral of the Fog-Things which sank under the sea when they were conquered, along with its arifacts and relics. The Glimmung now plans to raise Heldscalla to dry land, and needs a wide span of skills - such as Joe's ability to heal broken ceramic ware. (What countless other talents from planets throughout the Galaxy has the Glimmung recruited?) In a dangerous, try-anything mood, Joe reports to the Cleveland Spaceport for the flight to Sirius Five. There he has his first glimpse of his flight companion - an expert at removing coral deposits from submerged artifacts. She is the exquisite Miss Mali Yojez, non-Terran but humanoid, with delicate light-blue skin and short-clipped bronze hair...